Transition Time

Can you feel it?  Change is coming. The very month of March is all about change.  You know the saying:  March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Quite the transition. 

But in spite of outward appearances (for those who can see OVER the snow banks) and the current temps (it should be in the 40s but we barely made 21 today!) there is a collective sense, a hope, a NEED for change, some positivity, some good things in store to help us keep perspective and our sanity. 

With every Fitts Monthly Email that we send to our customers we end it by saying: We love having you as our customer and we want you to stay safe, healthy and happy! And we truly mean it.  So we offer you the following facts to ease the transition and indeed attest to the truth that change is just around the corner.


1. Spring: 14 days away and getting closer every second!

2. March Madness: 11 days away; pick your brackets now, we hope your team wins!

3. Start of baseball season: 32 days away 

4. Opening Day at Fenway: a tad and a bit over a month away, stock up on peanuts and Cracker Jacks

5. Boston Marathon: 45 days away – big push for last minute training

6. The start of Daylight Savings Time: TOMORROW, move your clocks ahead one hour. Longer days = more sunshine!

7. St. Paddy’s Day: 10 days away – enjoy the party but no drinking and driving!

8. The premier of Cinderella and Frozen Fever: 7 days away.  Prepare for the successor obsession to Elsa, Anna and THAT SONG “Let It Go”  (We wish we could)

9. Easter: 30 days away – not too soon to buy the new outfit, order the ham, and help the Bunny – you gotta get the good candy NOW before it’s all gone!!!


We hope we have given you a few smiles and things to look forward to during these last death rattles of winter.  Remember: this too, shall pass.


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