Keep your home in top condition – and your premiums down

A responsible homeowner addresses maintenance items before they become problems. Keeping a good coat of paint on the house and trim prevents moisture from penetrating wood and causing decay and mold and insect issues.

Consumers have faced rapidly escalating Homeowners insurance premiums as of late. In some cases, they’ve had trouble getting coverage, particularly if they have filed several claims.

To reduce the possibility of future losses, you can take a number of precautions, including:

  • Replace washing machine hoses with superior hoses that are steel braid reinforced. The hoses should not rub against the wall. Also, to prevent leaks, turn off the machine’s water faucet when the appliance is not in use.
  • If you experience a water leak, make sure it that it’s repaired properly and remediated as soon as possible; this might include removing and replacing building materials, such as drywall or blue board. For larger leaks, call in a professional that specializes in remediation. These measures will reduce the possibility of hazardous and expensive mold losses down the road.
  • Consider an automatic water shut-off system for your home. These systems have sensors which detect water leaks and send a wireless signal that interacts with the shut-off valve to turn off the water to the home. Some insurance companies offer discounts for these systems.
  • Maintain your roof in optimal condition. A quality roof inspection on a periodic basis can identify sections that need repair, and thus prevent water losses. If you live in an area that’s prone to windstorms, use roofing materials that are resistant to high winds.
  • Ice dams are one of the leading causes of interior water damage to homes. Be vigilant when it comes to removing snow from your roof. Use a roof rake or a “snow rake” all winter long to keep snow and ice from building up “dams” on the edges of your roof.
  • Loose or broken walkway bricks and loose, broken or missing handrails represent a significant liability exposure to homeowners. Don’t ignore these repairs. Preventing a loss will help keep your insurance rates down.
  • Consider hiring a painter who follows up with you every year or every other year to touch up trim and keep an eye on your paint condition. Addressing painting needs more often is much less expensive than putting it off until the house “REALLY” needs it. A properly applied paint helps prevent moisture penetration which prematurely ages your wood, deteriorates your home and attracts insects.

To learn more about keeping your Homeowners premiums under control – and making sure that you have the coverage you need – please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.


Some content used with permission from ISOMIS Coroporation.

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