Product Liability or Professional Liability – Which one is right for you?

Does your company provide a product or a service? Sounds  like a simple question, right? It’s not. Yet, it’s fundamental to insuring your  business.

Consider a software developer. If they develop an application or program that widely applies and it’s sold to the general public, it’s a product. If it’s  developed for a unique user, it’s a service. The difference from an insurance perspective is whether you need products liability or professional liability.

Professional liability implies a consultation, advice, or design like medicine  or law or architecture. But how about hair styling, data management or decorating. Interior decorators earn commissions on furnishings, but isn’t it the design people are buying?

When you review your company operations, think about the amount of design that goes into your finished product, and how specific it is to one client. Every product or completed operation requires some design. The insurance professional  can help determine when a professional liability exposure occurs.

Let’s look at a construction management company. They value engineer a project, review plans, manage time-lines, draw and review plan specifications and  coordinate sub-contractors. All of these duties are service in nature and are  covered by professional liability.

Site supervision is a service. Now the site supervisor picks up a hammer and helps finish framing a concrete form. The super just crossed into completed  operations, a general liability coverage.

Professional liability suggests a more personal element – professional reputation. Products and completed operations (general liability) resolves claims by assessing damages to people or property as a result of defective products or finished processes. The insurance company acts on the company  behalf to settle the claims.

Professional liability settles disputes similarly except the professional can deny the claim theirself. If they choose this path, whatever the insurance  company could have closed the case for becomes the maximum limit. Obviously, this course of action is risky.

Fitts Insurance provides both Product Liabiltiy insurance and Professional Liability insurance. We can help provide the propert solution to your company’s needs. Call us today, 888-697-6542 or contact us on-line at . It is our pleasure to help you.

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