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Employment Practices Liability Insurance – Don’t go withouth it!

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Since new legislation is passed affecting employment practices liability yearly, we can only broadly describe areas of concern:

  1. Discrimination Claims come in three forms: overt discrimination, disparate treatment, and disparate impact. Overt Many companies are not insured for employment related practices claims.discrimination is purposeful and observable behavior, like firing all employees of one sex, age limit, or race. Disparate treatment concerns disciplinary actions for the same behavior. Perhaps women are written up if they’re late to work but men are not. The treatment is unequal and prevents moving upwards in the organization. Disparate impacts involves More

Product Liability or Professional Liability – Which one is right for you?

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Does your company provide a product or a service? Sounds  like a simple question, right? It’s not. Yet, it’s fundamental to insuring your  business.

Consider a software developer. If they develop an application or program that widely applies and it’s sold to the general public, it’s a product. If it’s  developed for a unique user, it’s a service. The difference from an insurance perspective is whether you need products liability or professional liability. More

Boiler & Machinery / Equipment Breadkdown Insurance

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Boiler and Machinery policies provide two major services. Insurance in the form of property coverage for damage to buildings, boilers, machinery and additional liability coverage in the event of an explosion. Second, a valuable inspection service for the covered property, which enables mechanical breakdown coverage to be provided.Industrial Heating and Cooling

This coverage is not available under other insurance policies. In many insurance companies, boiler and machinery has been re-titled equipment breakdown to reflect the more modern application. More