Apps and products that can be helpful in a disaster

While many of us loath the latest trends in technology and argue that many “improvements” in technology have done more to harm society than it has to help it, it’s hard to argue the benefits of many new applications and products. Popular Mechanics magazine recently reviewed some fascinating new products and applications that we feel could be very helpful in the event of certain types of disasters.

One product can be a life saver for businesses that are not relying completely on cloud based storage of data. ioSafe disaster proof hardware has created an external hard drive that can withstand temperatures of up to 1,550 degrees ferinheight and incorporates a barrier that makes the device waterproof  to 10 feet under for up to 72 hours. If your company currently stores critical data in-house, consider looking into a product like this. For more information visit their website:

Former Boeing aerospace engineer Julian Sharpe has developed a survival capsule that would provide safe harbor for two to ten people for up to five days following a natural disaster such as a tsunami, earthquake, tornado, landslides and hurricanes. It comes complete with food and water storage, GPS, Locator beacons, and ventilation. Additional options include a solar panel array, dry powder seat toilet, surround sound music and more. If your prepping for the big one, this product might be one you want to look into. See more here:

BioLite has created a CampStove that not only warms your meal while burning twigs and leaves, it also can charge your iPhone. So when the “you know what  hits the fan” you can still play angry birds because if you need to use a survival stove, you’re probably out of cell service too. Can you see the survivor, heating up ants and caterpillars for a nutritious life saving meal and waiting for his iPhone to charge? “I’ve got to build a shelter before nightfall and convert urine into potable water but first thing’s first, gotta update my facebook status to “marooned… in survival mode”. For more on the BioLite click here:

From the App Store, check out these potentially life saving smartphone apps:

FLOODWATCH: Get real time updates from the National Weather Service for river heights and rainfall totals. Complete with interactive maps, graphs and tables, you can search for flood risks in your area and avoid hazardous areas.

LIFE360: with a touch of a button you can locate family members and let them know you’re okay or if you’re in danger you can send an SOS message to your contacts.

UBALERT: a citizen report based app allows you to see in real time where local emergencies are so that you can avoid them.


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