Mobile Rhino App Protecting Your Tablet



The use of technology has blown up in the last decade and the constant use of social media and networking has pushed consumers to stay connected. Smart phones and tablet users have increased tenfold. Its reported from a consumer research firm that 35% of desktop users and 32% of laptop users report using their computers less in favor of their tablet (Nielsen).

The iPad is the top selling tablet on the market due partly to the fact that it created the market. Due to their importance, these devices hold not only a tangible value for consumers but also an intangible value. To many, these devices are vital in daily routines. With proper protection, consumers can be assured that their devices are safe as is the important information kept within them. Apple Inc. provides a protection service (Applecare) for its products but it is limited. Apple care provides protection against Accidental Damage, Mechanical Malfunction, and Electrical Malfunction. Unlike the Mobile Rhino App, it does not cover Theft, Loss, or Digital life such as ID Theft. Mobile Rhino App also offers discounted prices to Business and Education (Student and faculty) users. Mobile Rhino App currently only covers iOS products but will soon cover Blackberry, Android, and Windows products. For more information and a coverage comparison chart, click here.

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