Winterizing Your Car

Yes, it’s that time again — time to fish the snow tires and ice-scraper out from the depths of your garage. Here are some additional ways to help protect you and your car this winter:

• Use snow tires or chains for icy conditions.

• In extreme temperatures use an engine heating system.

• Make sure the rear window defroster works.

• Install winter wipers and make sure the wind-shield washer is full of non-freezable fluid.

• Check the radiator antifreeze; have it refilled if necessary.

• Check the battery, belts, and brakes.

However, the most important thing for you to remember this winter season is to avoid driving in storms. Although the idea sounds straight forward enough, the National Weather Service says 70% of fatalities related to ice and snow occur in automobiles. Once your car is prepared for the winter weather, call us. We’ll be sure your insurance is ready for the season as well.

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