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NFPA’s Fire Safety App for kids

Fire Prevention Week is October 6th through 12th, 2013. This year’s theme is preventing kitchen fires. Parents, check out the NFPA website created exclusively for kids: Here you’ll find entertaining stories and even a fire safety app made just for kids! Finally an app that you don’t mind your kids playing with!

Insurance Might Not Cover Faulty Work

When accidents happen on construction sites, the result usually involves property damage. Faulty wires cause fires, which burn the walls. Collisions often put dents in expensive equipment, and paint can be inadvertently sprayed onto nearby cars. If such incidents occur, the contractor must look to their General Liability policy to compensate for damages. Although the CGL policy covers several types of incidents, not every situation is covered.

In order for a situation to be covered, three requirements must be met. First, there must be a legal obligation for the contractor to pay the damages. The contractor’s tort liability is covered by insurance, so most negligent acts are covered. However, if the contractor fails to complete the work he or she agrees to, there is no coverage.

The second requirement is that the damage must happen out of an occurrence, which the policy defines. In a CGL policy, an occurrence is an accident that More