Think twice before you “Check-in”


There’s been plenty of warning in the media about security risks associated with various social media sites and the types of posting people do on them. One major security risk is the “Check-in” feature on facebook. Simply put, people should never use this feature.

Think about it. When you head out for summer vacation, you set your burglar alarm, shut off the mail, ask a neighbor to check on the house or water the plants. We do this to keep our home as secure as possible while we’re away from it. So why is it so many people travel hundreds of miles away to the beach, the lakes, the mountains, etc and the first thing they do is “Check-in” to Joe’s Bar and Grill on the Jersey Shore?

Let’s think about our facebook “friends” for a moment. How many do you have? How many does your spouse have? Are all of those friends people you know well enough to trust their knowing you’re far from home for a week? It seems at times that facebook has become a popularity contest. Do you really have 834 friends or do you just know most of those people?

Most of the time you can accurately say that the younger generations understand and use¬†technology better than their elders. If you look at facebook, you could say¬†the opposite is true. Most young people on facebook have several hundred if not thousands of friends while mom and dad and grandma and grandpa have a hundred or so (if that). The elder generation has seemed to grasp the concept of on-line “friends” better than generation x,y or z. Based on their more careful selection of “Friends” it’s far more likley they really ARE friends and are at less risk when it comes to facebook “friends” stalking them on-line.

Getting back to the point, be smart about what you post on-line. The old saying, think before speaking holds true for social networks. Think before you post. Are you tipping a would be theif off that you’re home is uncoccupied? Are you showing a would be thief a new valuable item that you were given as a gift or you bought for the family? How well do you know your on-line friends? Are they all trustworthy? If not, consider “cleaning up” your friends list and at a minimum think hard about what you post, before you post it and never, ever “Check-in”.


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