Think you don’t need Earthquake Coverage?

Do you honestly believe that the government will rebuild your home for you for free simply because you are a tax payer?

Would you want to wait in line for federal disaster relief funds rather than spend a few extra dollars a year on insurance?

Some would say “Better Safe than Sorry.” Earthquake coverage for most homes in our area costs less than $100 per year. Call us today to learn more about Earthquake Coverage!

East Coast Earthquakes? Many people laugh at the notion of purchasing earthquake coverage for their home on the East Coast, thinking that we’re not in an earthquake-prone area. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The East Coast of the United States sits directly over a major fault line where two enormous tectonic plates meet.

Real Risk Although we’ve had some minor quakes in the region, we haven’t experienced anything that the west coast is famous for.  Still the risk of damage to homes on the East Coast is real. How you choose to address this risk is up to you. For many, the solution is to purchase Earthquake Coverage as an endorsement to their homeowner’s policy.

Earthquakes are EXCLUDED from Standard Coverage

  • The primary reason people should consider Earthquake Coverage is because Earthquake is EXCLUDED under the standard ISO homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • If we experience an earthquake in New England and it causes damage to your home, your standard homeowner’s insurance will not cover this damage.

Secure Your Foundation

  • It doesn’t take a lot of earth movement to cause significant damage to a structure.
  • On the East Coast you’ll have a hard time finding a private residence that has been built to sustain an earthquake.
  • Because we are less likely to experience significant earth movement on the East Coast, the insurance rates for earthquake coverage are much less than in California or other earthquake-prone areas.
  • The relative affordability of earthquake coverage is just another reason to consider it.

Could You Wait for Federal Disaster Relief?

  • Some suggest that if the East Coast is faced with a serious earthquake the government will be there to bail them out.
  • While the government may provide assistance, the area must first be determined to be a federal disaster area.
  • Secondly any government assistance is nothing more than a short term loan.

For more information or to find out how much it would cost to insure your home against earthquake damage contact your account manager today.


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