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Cover Yourself with and Umbrella

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In today’s “litigation culture,” with million dollar legal settlements all too common, anyone including you and your family could easily face ruin from a lawsuit, whether serious or frivolous. Even if you won, you’d be out thousands of dollars in defense costs.
A Personal Liability Umbrella can help ensure financial peace of mind by providing coverage up to an amount you’ve selected over and above the Liability limits under your Auto or Homeowners policy. Insurance companies often set minimum limits for Umbrella coverage. If you’re sued, the bulk of the settlement will come from your Homeowners or Auto policy, with the Umbrella picking up the rest. Bear in mind that many insurers will only offer this coverage if they write both your Home and Auto insurance. More

Understanding the claim payment process

An insurance adjuster is responsible for inspecting damage to a home following a claim. These individuals are also responsible for offering a specific sum of money that is to be used by the policyholder for necessary repairs. As a general rule, the first check received from the insurance company is meant as an advance toward the total amount of the settlement. It’s important to remember that it’s not the final payment. Separate checks are issued for each category of damage. Checks to cover living expenses are usually also sent separately. More

Do you have the RV insurance you need?

Your motor home is your pride and joy whether you live in it year round or just take it out a few times a year for those on the road getaways. It also represents a significant investment that needs protection against damage or financial risk.

Depending on your needs, you can buy coverage on your RV either as an add on to your standard Personal Auto insurance or as a separate Recreational Vehicle policy. Either way, since the vehicle is also a home on wheels, it faces a variety of exposures: More

Proper Protection for your Jewelry

You’ve spent hours, days or even weeks, making your jewelry choices not to mention paying thousands of dollars on your final purchase so why fall short when it comes to finding the right coverage for your jewels? Getting the appropriate protection is easy; you just need to understand what your Homeowners insurance will cover.

The standard HO3 policy provides only $1,000 worth of coverage for a single item of jewelry and $1,500 for your entire collection. For example, if you lost your $6,500 engagement ring, a pair of $500 earrings ,and a $1,000 class ring, you would receive a reimbursement of only $1,000, not the actual value of $8,000.  So be sure you’re protected by extra insurance. The cost is minimal compared to the risk of losing expensive jewelry and being unable to replace it. More

Homeowners Insurance and Social Gatherings

Many homeowners enjoy throwing parties for holidays or special events. If a party is in the near future, be sure that individual Homeowners coverage is adequate. Guests who are injured might need to file an injury claim if their vehicle is damaged, if they fall down or if a pet bites them. Research shows that about 75% of adult homeowners who plan social gatherings in their homes do not have a personal umbrella policy. This makes them more vulnerable to lawsuits stemming from guests who suffer injuries. The same research study showed that the remainder of the homeowners surveyed did not know what type of coverage they had. This means it is likely that the percentage of homeowners who do not have adequate coverage is more than 75%. However, they should have this extra coverage to protect themselves from lawsuits. Although dog bites and falls are common, alcohol is one liability issue that is often overlooked but is very risky. More

Think you don’t need Earthquake Coverage?

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Do you honestly believe that the government will rebuild your home for you for free simply because you are a tax payer?

Would you want to wait in line for federal disaster relief funds rather than spend a few extra dollars a year on insurance?


Stay Afloat With Proper Boater’s Insurance

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There are many hidden costs associated with owning a boat: Dock fees, general maintenance, and winter storage, just to name a few. One expense that boat owners should never skimp on is purchasing the best available insurance policy for their watercraft.

Because buying a boat is a huge investment, owners should protect their boat with comprehensive insurance coverage. Plans are often based on the type and size of the boat. Many Homeowners and Renters insurance policies provide limited coverage for property damage if the boat’s engine is less than 25 horsepower or if it is a small sailboat, but without additional insurance, no liability coverage is included.


Protect yourself from Identity Theft, the fastest growing crime in America…

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Serious matters bear repeating!

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America. More than likely, if you haven’t already experienced credit card fraud yourself, you know someone who has. Fortunately most reputable credit card issuers have stepped up their fraud protection limiting the cardholder’s liability for fraudulent charges, however that in no way should dispel concerns about identity theft.


Marine Preparedness Information

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Below are some tips for protecting your boat from possible damage in the sunken boat after a stormevent of a strong windstorm.

Depending on your location and situation, you may choose to:

1) Haul your vessel out of the water (normally the best option and most policies will help with haul-out costs if a warning is issued in your area),

2) Move it to a safer harbor away from the storm, or

3) Secure it in its berth in the marina.  If your best option available is to keep it in its berth, the following steps are advisable:  More