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Things to consider before filing small claims

2011 saw more catastrophic weather events in the Northeast than any other year in recent history. In the winter we experienced storm after storm leave us with a heavy snow load that took it’s toll on roof tops creating severe ice dam losses and devastating rooftop collapses. Later we experienced a day of horrifying tornado damage, Irene and the Halloween snowstorm. We even had an earthquake mixed in with those events. With the exception of the earthquake, these weather relative events caused widespread power outages, downed limbs, roof damage and more.

During and after these events, we fielded hundreds of calls from¬†clients with questions about tree removal and food spoilage, two types of loss that are not covered by an unendorsed ISO Homeowners policy. While most of our clients purchase¬†“extension” or “enhancement” endorsements that often include some coverage for these losses, it’s not necessarily in their best interest to file a claim just for the food spoilage or tree removal. More