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Interested in On-Line Insurance Quotes? Be carefull!

The Internet is loaded with various web sites where you can request free insurance quotes. Almost any time you use a search engine to look for anything you’re likely to see an advertisement or a sponsored link from a company offering the lowest rate for car insurance, life insurance, home insurance, etc. Unfortunately filling out one of these on-line quote forms may result in nothing more than a big headache for you.

Before you start inputting all of your personal information into some website claiming to find you the lowest priced auto insurance, do some homework on the site itself. Find out what they do with your information. Who do they sell it to and what lists will you be added to.

These quote sites aren’t the only sites out there gathering information to sell to others. The last time you made an on-line purchase were you prompted to complete a survey to save an additional 10%? On-line surveys are another popular means of collecting private data to be sold to solicitors or other businesses trying to sell you. On-line surveys also require careful decision making before you proceed. Once again, try to find out what is done with your information. If you don’t you can expect your phone to start ringing and your inbox to fill up with spam.

If you’re genuinely interested in an insurance quote request it from an independent insurance agent like Fitts Insurance. Most agencies now have on-line quote request forms. When you submit your request through our website you can rest assured that your information won’t be sold to someone else and you can expect to get a competitive quote for your insurance as well.

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